There are methods you can help us raise awareness to get this Act passed

1.Volunteer – You can volunteer gathering signatures of registered voters in your area who are in support of enacting a national violent offender registry act. By gathering signatures, it will show our politicians, in particular the Senate Judiciary and House Judiciary Committee, that our citizens want to keep our towns safer by keeping awareness about violent offenders.

2. Host an event – Help raise money in support of our fight to get Nikol’s Law enacted.  All expenses are completely out of pocket and we rely completely on donations,  proceeds from our store and fund raisers. You can help by hosting an event to help   raise money. Size doesn’t matter. It can range from small to big. We have had the                 pleasure of working with people who have had events as small as a neighborhood  B-B-Q to as large as a 5K walk.

3.  Donate – We accept donations. We do not accept cash at this time. We are only accepting assistance with airline miles, hotel rewards and prepaid Visa gift cards.  This will help with  transportation costs and accommodations while we are in  various areas on  speaking engagements to raise awareness about the Act in order to get it  passed,and while speaking with various politicians in attempts to gain support.

4.  Become a spokesperson – We are always looking for more people to get on board  and become spokespersons for the cause. If you have been a victim of a violent  crime; if you have been a victim of domestic violence; if you have lost a loved one  to a violent crime, you would be a perfect spokesperson. Your voice needs to be  heard. Far too often the victim’s voice is not heard and now is your chance.  Become a spokesperson and help get this Act passed in order to help possible save  millions of others.