Thank you for coming to Nikol’s Law. I do appreciate you stopping by and checking it out. I was told I had to write a little bio about me by my team of great volunteers who help me maintain this site. I am not too great about writing about myself. But here goes anyways. I will tell you what I say in my speeches that I do at my speaking engagements.

Me, the boyfriend and out fur children Kady and Zeus

“Bet you didn’t expect me to come out like this now did you? Tattooed, educated chic in a wheelchair? Don’t worry I don’t bite and I have all my shots.”

That is always my opening line.

I am never what people expect. I have a several degrees ranging in fields of study; all mainly in some form of legal/law studies. My last degree is from Purdue. I tell people I am a boilermaker. Whatever that means. I Master’ed boiling? (get it. Masters degree Boilermaker. Okay I will not quit my day job for comedy.)

Me… I hate being out in the sun.

I have three amazing boys; all serving in our armed forces. I have two fur children; one Rottweiler and one pit bull. If you were to ask them, they will tell you they are human. I love to paint when I have time or my hands allow me to be able to hold the paint brush.

How my life has changed?

Since the August 2015 attack I have had to learn to readjust my life. I had to learn to think again. Literally learn to think. Traumatic brain injury is a life changer. There are so many things that I wasn’t told. I wasn’t told about the sensory issues, the cognitive issues, or well… any of the issues that come along with it. My memory recall sucks. You know that feeling when you walk in a room and you can’t remember why you walked in there? Imagine your every moment being like that.

I wasn’t in a wheelchair before the attack. Now I have to have one to get around. I can’t walk very far without being in excruciating pain. I live in pain anyways but this pain is so terrible it wipes me out. I have joint pain which the doctors have stated is from the trauma. Neck and back issues. Seizures. PTSD. Panic disorder. Phobias that didn’t exist previous to that attack. Insomnia that I wish would just kick rocks.

My life isn’t Hell, but it hasn’t been a cake walk.

HOWEVER, I have a motto.

I am not who I was yesterday and tomorrow I will not

be who I am today. Everyday I strive to heal to be better. 

How did you come up with the idea?

I did research into why there was not one and wondered why we did not have notification and tracking registry. I took to social media and realized it was an uphill battle. People do not care about real issues. They care about the Kardashians, jumping on social justice issues without researching it fully and what ever is trending at that moment. I knew getting signatures for a real issue would be hard. Now if it were some issue that were meaningless… the signatures would be coming in three-fold.

I knew that if I could prevent even one person from becoming a victim, then I have done what I sat out to do. But it is convincing others of that first. Being it is out of my own pocket, I am limited in what I can do until people help out with their generosity. I have been lucky there and people have booked me to speak in their area to help show their local government why a registry is needed.

Luckily one of my great skills I didn’t lose was research.

I knew that if I could get it passed, it would be easier for someone to look up if their new potential mate has been convicted of a violent crime. I knew it would be easier for a person to look up if the person they are selling their puppy to is on that list for being cruel to animals. I knew it would be easier for the new parent to be able to look up on the list and see if the person they hired off of Facebook’s local swapshop is on that list for child abuse. I knew that it would be easier to look up and see if that new care giver you hired to take care of your elderly parent was on the list. I knew it would be easier to look up if that new hire was on the list.

I knew violence didn’t discriminate and either should this list.

Nikols Law is one that I hope to be passed and implemented not just for my safety but for the safety of society as a whole. Yes I know it is a band-aide. It is not a one-size-fits-all-solution. However, I would rather have a band-aide covering the gashing wound we have with the amount of violent crime in our country than it still be left wide open.

This is the second draft. I had to start all over after the Vegas and Texas shooting. The access to weapons was important to me. My husband bought a gun even though he had a restraining order on him. He intended on shooting me. He bought it from a girl who is an escort. I had to learn it from the police that my husband wanted to kill me and he had purchased a weapon. I learned from the hooker that he bought a gun and she was the one that turned him in. If there would have been a registry in place, he would have been required to be on the list for as long as the restraining order was valid. I decided to put provisions in it that if the person failed to check and attested they did actually check, or failed to turn in a bill of sale,  and injury or death occurred, they would be held to the same offense as the person who committed the crime. No more not holding people accountable for their actions. It was a flash before my eyes when the cops came to my house and said “there is no polite way to tell you this but your husband wants to kill you.”

Before I started over, I had close to 100,000 signatures on Whitehouse.gov. Now I am on Change.org. I am hoping I can gain some steam on there.

You can sign the Petition HERE

You can read the Act HERE

Me and the boyfriend

I really don’t what else to say besides thank you again for coming by and supporting the effort to get this passed. Please help us tell Congress you would like this passed.

With love,